Live Incident Free Everyday (LIFE)

The ultimate bottom line.

Flintco 4 LIFE focuses on process, practice and individual behaviors to improve safety by Living Incident Free Everyday (LIFE). We explore how people think, feel and relate to safety, and look at the role of the organization in providing a safe work environment. The 4 R’s are prominent in our approach: Reach out, do it Right, Raise your voice and Recognize hazards.

The Shortcut – A Story of Survival

Flintco HSE Regional Director Shane Harris, CHST, PSC, was badly injured on April 4, 2001, while working as an electrician in Austin, Texas, prior to joining Flintco. Shane spent many weeks in a chemically induced coma in the burn unit at Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio because he took a shortcut. Flintco produced a short film about his experience called The Shortcut – A Story of Survival.

Every day we seek to open channels of communication, build relationships, expand risk awareness and increase the frequency of workers choosing to work safely – because it is the right thing to do. Flintco 4 LIFE is about creating a workplace committed to eliminating safety incidents and injuries. Flintco cares deeply about everyone on our jobs going home safely. We strive to provide a work environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

The keys to our success are worker assurance, acknowledgement and contribution. Assurance that what is being done is being done correctly (the actions and the culture that drives those actions). Identifying and acknowledging the things that are being done well (good behaviors), which we want to encourage. And finally, by engaging all workers to contribute through conversation and listening.

Flintco reaches another major safety milestone

Flintco received the prestigious 2023 National Safety Pinnacle Award from the Associated Builders and Contractors. It is our industry’s highest safety honor.

Since the question was asked in 2016 at the start of our Flintco 4 LIFE journey “Is good, good enough?” when it comes to safety, Flintco has continued to innovate, lead, and improve. We will never settle for good enough. Our policies reflect current industry best practices – the mandatory use of helmets and cut-resistant gloves for everyone – and the adoption of new technology like SmartTagIt to make critical pre-task plans more inclusive and productive. Flintco has become a recognized thought leader in our industry around our safety story. Most importantly, we are achieving results that matter – keeping people safe.

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