The design-build services of Flintco / Burns and McDonnell are among the best I experienced in my career with the University of Texas.

Michael Manoucheri, Associate Director of Plant Operations (Former)
The University of Texas at Austin

Chilling Station #7

The Flintco team always kept ACC’s interests, concepts, schedule, and cost as their goal.

Brian Morrow, Project Manager
Austin Community College

ACC Chiller Plant

SESCO Largest Bulk Cement Storage Facility in the U.S. with 1,500 Tons of Self-Perform Structural Steel


“Sometimes things get lost in translation” with multiple international suppliers, said Hani Arafat, Project Engineer of SESCO, describing the mechanical equipment design and the offsite steel fabrication process. “That’s where you need all the heads in the room. Flintco was constantly a leading voice in that conversation. I would absolutely recommend Flintco again.”



Flintco did an excellent job adhering to their Mission and Ethos by providing innovative solutions with the focus on quality, safety, reducing cost and accelerating schedule.

Jim Wilkerson, Quality Engineer
Dolese Bros. Co.

Dolese N. Broadway Batch Plant

The project's complexity – integration of multifaceted equipment, and the tie-in to OSU's existing distribution systems – needed a detail-oriented construction manager (Flintco) to get it done.

Craig Spencer, Director Energy Services
Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University Central Plant